Francisca and Diana, Front Desk Receptionists

Handles all scheduling phone calls and referrals from other Dr. Offices. They also helps the patient understand the importance of using the patient portal to input their information to achieve the best experience during their office visit. Their goal with every patient is to create a friendly tone and pleasant attitude on the phone so the patient feels positive about coming into our office. They speak Spanish fluently.

Belen, Medical Assistant

Rooms patients, checks vitals, schedule procedures, responds to patients questions and concerns regarding treatment or prescriptions. Delivers biopsy results and lab results. She enjoys each and every interaction she has with the patient and strives to make each patient experience in the office a positive one.

Rosie, Medical Assistant

Reviews all patient information, takes vitals, ensures patient is ready to be seen in a timely manner, schedules procedures, delivers biopsy and lab results. Responds to all patient questions in a timely manner. Enjoys the interaction she gets to have with the patient daily. Speaks Spanish fluently.

Connie, Billing Office Manager

Oversees billing office. She is a certified coder with 14 years experience in Gastroenterology.  Speaks with patients who have questions about their bill, submits claims, and posts payments. She has been with Dr. Arenas since 2015.

Jill, Billing Office 

Assists with billing questions, payments and claims.

Stacey, Billing Office 

Assists with billing questions, payments and claims.

Karen, Office Visit Scheduler

Handles all phone calls that come into the office. Schedules consult visits for New and Established patients. Registers each patient with their log in information for the patient web portal. She also takes payments for office and surgery center. Speaks Spanish fluently.

Caitlyn and Lisa, Authorizations

Works with insurance companies to get authorizations for patients procedures. Gathers information regarding patient copays and deductibles. Verifies insurance eligibility for office visits. They speak Spanish fluently.

Leslie, Procedure Scheduler

Responsible for scheduling patients for procedures and other tests ordered. Informs patients of proper preparation for procedures and goes over all instructions for procedures and tests. Leslie speaks Spanish fluently.